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Home exchange and Intervac have been covered extensively in the global media for decades. Here are some samples of recent coverage:
  • Movies, TV and Radio

Home exchanging is featured in the 2006 Hollywood film called The Holiday. In this romantic comedy characters portrayed by Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet trade homes between Los Angeles and England to change their on-screen lives! Home exchanging has been mentioned on CNN and The Travel Channel in the United States. Over the years Intervac Canada has given interviews on local and national TV and radio programs across Canada.

  • Newspapers, Magazines and Online - coverage in Canada and around the world:

Swapping means travel dreams - Vancouver Sun - Aug-2013

Globetrot for a fraction of the price - Ottawa Citizen - June 2013

Why not bunk with the locals - Times Colonist - Victoria - Nov-2012

Saving Money in Recessionary Times - The Irish Times - Nov-2011

Intervac on iPhone and iPad - Sept 2011

Swap Your Home to See the World for Less - Globe and Mail August 2011

Save by Avoiding Hotels - The Toronto Star - August 2011

Beginners Guide to House Swapping - - Australia October 2009

Hotels Too Pricey? Try a Swap - Washington Post - September 2009

Canada-Britain house swap gives close-up view of life in southeast ... The Canadian Press - July 2009

Bellissimo - taking a trans-Atlantic trip during a recession - The Boston Globe - June 2009

Home exchange is more than just free holiday accomodation - UK Sunday Times June-2009

Exchanging Homes is a Recession-Beater - Washington DC Mar-2009

Try a House Exchange on Your Next Vacation - San Francisco Jan-2009

The Complete Guide To Home Swaps - United Kingdom Jan-2009

House Swapping Makes for Cheap Travel - Sydney Australia Feb-2009

Stay for Free in a Private Home - Montreal Sep-2008

My House is Your House - The Wall Street Journal Oct-2008

Exchanging Lives - Couples Trade Homes for Extended Vacations - Arizona USA Mar-2009

The Art of Slow Travel - New York Mar-2009 (Exploring destinations thoroughly while experiencing the local culture)

Step into someone else’s life for a week or two, save big money, maybe meet the locals. What’s not to like?
- Canadian Tourism Commission Nov-2008

A Home Away from Home -- Literally - Torrance CA USA Feb-2009

Apartments Are Popular with Swappers - Convenience Attracts Home Exchangers from Around the World - Toronto Star Apr-2008

Tips for a Budget Vacation - Vancouver Dec-2008

Make yourself at home -house swap an ideal way to get comfy in far-away places - CanWest News Service May-2007

City Swappers - live like a New Yorker, Parisian or Los Angeleno - Globe & Mail Apr-2006

Here are some samples of coverage in other languages. The phrase "home exchange" translates into other languages as echanges de logements or échange de maison, intercambio de casas, haustausch, boligbytte, scambiare la casa per le vacanze:



Como viajar para o estrangeiro sem pagar hotel - Lisbon - June-2009

El intercambio de casas para veranear también llega al país - Buenos Aires - Jan-2009

El 10% de viviendas que se intercambian en vacaciones son segundas

“El Descanso” - about "The Holiday" movie and Intervac Argentina - Buenos Aires - April 2009

Las Provincias - Comunidad Valenciana,Alicante Spain - Dec-2008


Les echanges de logements ont la cote - Le Monde - Paris,France - Jan-2009

  • Blogs covering home exchanging

There are many enthusiastic home exchangers (some are evangelical in their zeal) who share their experiences on their blogs. Here are some examples:

Published by an enthusiastic home exchanger who gives his profile as a 40-ish native New Yorker, parent of young children, care-giver for elderly parent, has done 40+ home swaps since 1991.
This family has been home exchanging since 2001. It has allowed them to travel further and longer than they would have done otherwise if they had to pay for accommodation for four people.
Retirement travel and home exchange blog - this couple made home exchanging the focus of their lives.
This blog supports and advances home exchanging in general. They have researched various home exchange clubs and list them on their website.

Finally - here is what Arthur Frommer - the founder of Frommer's Travel Guides - said about home exchanging:

"..... It is the single most logical, sensible, economical and rewarding method of travel. It permits you to use an asset - your own home or apartment - to enjoy a free-of-charge stay in someone else's home or apartment. You live at the destination as a resident, not a tourist. And you enjoy a vacation that more and more (North) Americans have decided is the "way to go" in these days of our weak currency..."

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