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People Open to New Experiences - A typical Intervac member family is interested in cultural travel and new experiences which are not available through conventional tourism. Our members typically possess a strong sense of adventure, independence, curiosity and discovery while being flexible and open to new experiences. Based on our own personal home exchanges, they are likely well-educated people with a global perspective. Most are home or condo owners in professional or management occupations. Some own successful businesses. There is also a large contingent of members who have retired or semi-retired who have both time and financial means to explore the world. The typical age range trends towards the mature category, so 35 years and up including many retired people as just mentioned. Most of the younger Intervac families have children whom they wish to expose to cultural experiences that global home exchanging makes possible at a very reasonable cost. And every member of this self-help community who lists their property has something of value to offer to other members.

Ultimately home swapping has little to do with "saving money" and everything with swapping lifestyles and connecting with well-traveled. interesting people who are looking to trade lifestyles and their local culture with other members.

Our Membership Mix Is Large and Well Balanced - The critical factor in finding suitable exchanges is the size and mix of our membership database. It must be large enough so that there is good representation of: (1) continents - we have found that the balance of 20% North America, 75% Europe and 5% elsewhere works well; (2) countries - for example we have a very large number of listings from countries that are in high demand by Canadians such as France, Italy, GB and USA; and (3) age groups – a balanced mix of families with children, mid-career people plus retirees who can exchange year-round.

Due to Intervac's long history with national representatives in 35+ countries, our membership database of paying members is large, diverse and well balanced between what is demanded and available within our membership base. We believe that Intervac provides our members with best opportunities to find suitable and interesting exchanges around the world.

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