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We have been around the longest in this customer service business. For over 50 years we have repeatedly passed our members' satisfaction test by delivering high-value service with local customer support around the world. Most of our new members come via referrals from existing members. Superb and hugely rewarding vacation experiences are consistently reported by our members. (To be realistic there are minor problems typically triggered by different standards of cleanliness between any two households - or a lack of home exchange experience by one of the parties.) Here is a sample of what our members say about their home exchanging experience:

What Experienced Canadian Members Say About Intervac...

Loved Living Like a French Local - “…We have just returned from a wonderful three week exchange with a French member located in Aix, Provence, France. I must say it was a joy to live with the locals and being able to travel in the countryside. We loved experiencing the "local vibe". The apartment was superb in all aspects and also with a new Renault CLIO car. We met Laurent and Valerie at the airport - they also enjoyed their stay in Quebec. Our only regret is we should have joined Intervac years ago. You now have a fan for years to come ... thank you sincerely, Andre – member CA1479

Recommends Intervac to Friends and Family - “...We just returned from a California exchange which worked so well. We have suggested Intervac to friends and family all of whom now have had great exchanges. Our son is presently exchanging with a Barcelona family….we intend to register again next year…" Sincerely, Georgina – member CA307

"...We have gone on four home exchanges and have enjoyed each one immensely. We have passed Intervac contact information to many people...” Our regards, Kathy - member CA854

"... I am on my 3rd house exchange and I am very satisfied.... I often talk about Intervac to family, friends and collegues at work... I'm hooked for life... your service presents a parade of amazing opportunities and experiences."  Isabelle - member CA2182

Amazed How Simple It Was - "... I was pleasantly surprised that within ten days of us going online, we had confirmed exchanges with two different families for the summer (one in the Loire-France and one in Devon-GB). It was incredibly efficient and easy and a lot of fun. I'm beginning to understand why some people have such huge numbers under their 'exchange experience' box. When it's this easy, I can imagine exchanging for much shorter school holidays much closer to home... domestically. I think you've just recruited another interested family…" Thanks again, Alison – member CA1543

“We hope to use Intervac again. Our experience, last summer, was perfect! This is like enjoying champagne on a beer budget. It's a hugely rewarding experience if you do not mind some effort.. ” Johanne – member CA 2157

“We had a marvelous first exchange experience last January in Taunton, England - for a month. High style on a low budget! ” John – member CA1443

Like Your Online System - “....  the new web site is superb, I like the options that we now have, thanks."   Diana – member CA2080   “ ... really like the new website...lots of great features.” Julia – member CA2102

Home Renovations Triggered -  ".... because of the prospect of home exchanging my husband suddenly completed long-delayed renovation projects.  Thanks to exchanging our house is neater and tidier..." Anonymous member 

Intervac Adds Spice to Life - "…We have had only pleasurable experiences in the most beautiful homes and countries in all corners of the globe. The people really make the difference. We have met so many kind and interesting people from all over the world. Intervac has changed our lives. I often arrange an exchange for my husband and I, and leave our almost adult children here to work their summer jobs or attend school. Now, they look forward to the hospitality aspect of the exchange. Since our Italian exchange, and the delicious Italian food that was shared with them, the kids and their friends can't wait to meet the next Intervac family that will visit. The lifeguards at the local pool were asking when the next family was coming; they had so much fun with the guests last year. Intervac exchanges add spice to life." Thanks for your help, Heather – member CA707

One of Life's Greatest Pleasures - Two great exchanges already completed, the Paris exchange was a dream come true – at both ends. My trip to Provence had to be cancelled due to the suspension of air travel after Sept 11, 2001. But the French family was here already – so we gave them our country home. We were glad to take care of our new friends from Provence and show them some heartfelt Canadian hospitality. I still correspond with our friends in Provence and Paris…such delightful people and so wonderful to open windows on our tiny worlds….especially in trying times, it's wonderful to know that we have friends across the waves, as they do here. Best wishes.” Suzanne – member CA1504

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