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Dear Visitor:

You can preview our entire "live" database of home exchange offers at anytime - but of course you will not be able to contact Intervac members since their contact information is *not* visible to visitors. While Intervac lists thousands of home exchange offers annually, the highest number of members are actively looking in the Fall and Winter. The number of available offers declines towards the Summer as members deactivate their listings after arranging exchanges. This annual cycle is repeated starting each September when we start our new registration campaign for the next Summer.

Search Steps - to start a new search just specify key search parameters such as:

  • Which countries you wish to visit...and
  • Your approximate travel dates...and
  • That you wish to see only those listings which have specified Canada (CA) as their destination
Search Results - Our online searches produce 10 listing summaries per screen. Each listing summary gives the location of the property, their desired travel dates/length of stay and their desired destination countries. Our destination codes follow Internet country codes so FR, CA, ES, IT, O means that this member wishes to find a home exchange either in France or Canada or Spain or Italy or they are are Open to most other countries. You can scroll through the screens generated by your search criteria. For more details on any listing just click on their member number (for example FR200657 or GB3456). Change your search criteria to start new searches. As already noted - you will not be able to see the contact information section of any listing until you join Intervac as a member.

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Alternatively you can just click on our geographic search map which is found on our Home Page

Our Last Minute List is for members who want to travel within 8 weeks.

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