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Who is Intervac International...

Since 1953 We Have Been Growing Primarily by Member Referrals  - we were started in Europe in 1953 by a group of teachers who were looking for economic means to travel internationally with cultural enrichment related to living in a community. Soon they realized that this unique way to travel was also a superior way to experience other cultures. So the concept has been growing ever since, primarily by referrals from satisfied home exchangers. Currently INTERVAC's member-private online listing service facilitates home exchanges for thousands of families from all walks of life around the world. The name INTERVAC is made from words "international" and "vacations" and it is being registered as a trademark in many countries where INTERVAC operates.

A National Intervac Representative Lives in Each of Our Key 35 Countries - INTERVAC operates by appointing an exclusive representative (we call them "Organizers") who lives in each of our key countries to promote the concept of home exchange within their country. We believe that our global network of Organizers who live in your country and know your local customs and language is a huge benefit to our members. This in contrast to some of our new competitors who operate a website from one country.

In countries where we are represented we simply call ourselves INTERVAC followed by the country name. For example we are INTERVAC Austria in Austria, INTERVAC Canada in Canada, INTERVAC France, and so on. The umbrella organization - INTERVAC International - is registered as a non-profit organization in Sweden. Currently we have National Representatives  in some 35 countries.   

Consistent Personal Service World-Wide - The Intervac organization is led by our Board of Directors who are Intervac Organizers elected at our annual general meetings (AGMs) held in different countries. At AGMs your national Organizers elect our Board, develop strategies and action plans as we strive to deliver high-value, consistent service at a reasonable cost to our world-wide membership base.

INTERVAC organizers take turns to host AGMs in their country. The following is the schedule of completed and upcoming AGMs:

  • 2005 - Ireland (AGM 2005)
  • 2006 - Greece (AGM 2006)
  • 2007 - Sweden (AGM 2007)
  • 2008 - Great Britain (AGM 2008)
  • 2009 - Norway (AGM2009)
  • 2010 - Portugal (AGM2010)
  • 2011 - Belgium (AGM2011 - now scheduled)

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