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Our Favourite Links for Canadian Travelers

Many experienced travelers have a few favourite websites which they use when preparing for a trip or during their journey. Below are some links that we hope you will find interesting. Please email us your favourite links and we will be happy to add them to this list.

Staying in touch with Canada

Globe and Mail - - - with links to many dailies
The Toronto Star - - which is not part of
Financial Markets - - if there is a better non-branded source let us know
Department of Foreign Affairs - - information, consular and registration services for any travelling Canadian

When traveling

Current time worldwide -
Currency exchange rates -
World weather -
Search for an internet cafe -
If you love to eat -
TV from many countries - including Canada -
Free translation -
Real-time flight tracker in North America -
Real-time flight tracker - flightradar24
Flight status - world airlines - from OAG -
World airport codes -
112 - Europe-wide tourist emergency phone number -

Travel planning - experience cities like a local - hand-picked bloggers share their favourite spots in European cities - travelers and locals share real travel advice and experiences - global language learning community of "language buddies" + online lessons - Rail Europe (entry page for Canadian residents) - for all purpose train information - UK railway system covers most train operators in the British Isles - train information covering 87,000 stations in continental Europe - based in Germany - for train travel enthusiasts... from a European perspective - our biggest airline - domestic and international - covers many North American destinations, Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean, etc. - shows the ever-changing airline baggage policies in one place - authoritative data about airlines, timetables, airports + flight status of world airlines - routes of major and minor airlines around the world

Cheap airfares - a sample of websites - travel bookings and destination guides + info on living abroad - Canadian source of cheap flights - choose flight destinations+dates and receive an alert if the price drops - compares more airlines than most & provides cheap getaway deals - directory of world's discount airlines - alerts you when prices fall, checks seat availability, and lists Web-only fares, unadvertised and short-lived fares as well as “error” fares (usually incorrectly entered fares by humans) which airlines frequently honor. - the art and science of business & first class air travel - flights within Europe - flights within Europe - the ultimate guide to airline seat selections - airline seat maps - 184 airlines